General Questions

Chaldean Social Scene is a company that provides its members with a variety of fun activities and events to choose from. Our variety of events ensure that there is something for everyone! Become a member today to try new things and meet new people.
Any of the reasons below:
» You are looking to expand your professional and/or personal network
» You would like to make new friends or find a significant other
» You enjoy trying fun new things
» You are new to the area
» You enjoy the Chaldean culture
People just like you attend our events. Our events consist of a variety of busy individuals who value their time and enjoy having fun. Our social events and parties bring a wide range of people together in a comfortable setting and enable you to meet multiple people in a fun, no pressure way.
Our events are geared towards individuals in their early 20s to late 40s. Some events are clearly marked as age specific events. Please note that if you sign up for an age specific event that is not for your age, your registration will not be valid, and you will not receive a refund.
As long as you are 21 years old or older and are Chaldean or are genuinely interested in the Chaldean culture, you can register to become a member.

Only Socialite members may attend Socialite-only events.

All members and event guests must adhere to the rules in our terms of service which are strictly enforced.
Yes, you may bring a friend to any events that are not labeled as Socialite-only events, as long as they are a member or are 21 years of age and are willing to become an Experiencer or Socialite member.

Anyone who attends a CSS event must be an Experiencer or Socialite member before being allowed entry into an event.  

For the best price options, a Socialite membership is recommended. Please keep in mind that anyone who signs up for a Socialite membership must be Chaldean or married to a Chaldean. 

Please note that Experiencers are unable to attend events that are Socialite member-only events. In order to ensure entry, it is best to register in advance for CSS events as some of our events will sell out fast
No. If your guest is a Socialite member, they will need to purchase their own ticket. If you want to bring a guest who is an Experiencer or not a member, they will need to become a Socialite first, and purchase their own ticket in order to be allowed entry into the event.
No. We offer a variety of events for individuals who want to have a good time, and are genuinely interested in improving their social lives and professional circle. Our focus is on providing members and guests the opportunity to socialize, network, and most importantly, have fun!
Please bring a digital copy of your event purchase confirmation email and a valid government issued ID.

The first and last name as well as gender that is used to register for an event must match exactly the first and last name as well as gender on the ID that is presented. If the information you provided us does not match your ID, your registration will not be considered valid, and you will not be issued a refund.

As a reminder, all guests who attend our events must be 21 and older.

If any of these items are not accurate, you will forfeit your right to use that ticket, and will need to purchase a new ticket, if tickets to that event are still available.

This applies for member and guest tickets.
No. You may show us a digital version of your confirmation email upon check in. If you purchased a ticket for a guest, and they do not plan on arriving with you, please send them a copy of your confirmation email in order to ensure entry into the event.
It is advised that you complete your private user profile so that we can learn more about you and send you information on events that would interest you.

You can complete your profile by clicking on the "account" button, then by clicking on "private profile", and then on "edit profile".

Information in your private profile will not be viewed by other members.
Please be courteous of other members' time, and try to arrive atleast 5-10 minutes early. Published start times can be found in the event description.
» A membership belongs to the individual whose name under which it is registered and is not transferable.
» Name and gender listed on photo identification must match the name and gender of the ticket buyer listed on the guest list in order to gain entry to any CSS event.
» If you purchase a ticket for a guest, you must have the person's correct information listed, otherwise, the ticket is not considered valid.
We do not offer refunds of any kind, however, if you are a CSS Socialite member, we are more than happy to give you event credit towards a future event (less a $3 processing fee) as long as you contact us at least 72 hours prior to the event start time. Due to the commitments we make with our venues and vendors, we cannot offer event credit to members who do not contact us at least 72 hours prior to the event start time.

If an event is cancelled or postponed for any reason we will transfer Experiencer and Socialite member tickets into credit which can be applied to a future event of your choosing.
Experiencer members are not qualified to receive an event credit at any time, unless an event is cancelled by Chaldean Social Scene.
We only accept credit card payments via our secure and encrypted checkout systems. We do not accept any cash transactions.

Generally, we do not screen those whom register. We do however, greatly value the input and feedback we hear from members about each other. If we meet a member or learn from fellow members that one is not someone that others or ourselves would enjoy meeting - we will respectfully decline current and/or future participation.
We wish we could accommodate everyone, unfortunately, the fun goes quick! If an event is sold out, you can add yourself to the wait list which is listed on the event page.
We are continually updating our event calendar so check back soon!
To see the events that we currently are offering, join now to be able to view our event calendar. Our events vary from month to month. Become a member to stay informed about our newly scheduled events.
Our events are all different. Some of our Socialite member events are geared to be more intimate while some may have over 100 attendees.
Our events are held in a variety of locations within the Metro Detroit area.
We ask that you use your best judgement when it comes to your attire unless a dress code is specifically stated on the event page.
Not at this time, but we will be adding gift cards soon.